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How to restart tChess

Some problems can be solved by forcing tChess to quit and restarting it. Here are the instructions for doing so if you're using iOS 7 or later:
  • Double tap your device's Home button.
  • Find tChess's screen shot in the list of apps that appears.
  • Place your finger on the screen shot and swipe it up and off your screen. (This forces the app to quit.)
  • The next time you start tChess, it will start "fresh."

How to restart your iOS device

If restarting tChess doesn't solve the problem, please try restarting your iOS device:
  • Hold the Lock button down (at the top of your device) until the screen dims and you see a red slider at the top with the message "slide to power off."
  • Slide the slider and wait until the screen turns off.
  • Hold the Lock button down again until your device turns on.

How to reinstall tChess

If all else fails, you can delete tChess and reinstall it.

This should be a last resort since you will lose your settings and profile information.
You can back up some of your information (including your saved games) via
iTunes File Sharing.

Delete tChess and "buy" it again from the App Store. If you use the same iTunes account you used when you first bought it, a message will eventually appear telling you that you don't have to pay for tChess again.

Troubleshooting Game Center

tChess relies on Apple's Game Center service to initiate and maintain connections between players.

If you are having trouble with Apple's service, here are some steps to try:
  • Go to the Game Center app that came with your device, log out of your Game Center account, and log back in.
  • If that doesn't work, log out on all of the iOS devices you own, and only log back in on the device you plan to use immediately. (Game Center can get "confused" if you are logged in on multiple devices.)
  • Try restarting tChess and your iOS device by following the instructions above.
  • Remember that your opponent(s) should also try all of these steps!

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