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Owner's FAQ

Major Features

Certain tChess features have their own web pages:

Question: How do I castle in tChess?

If castling is legal, you will be able to move your king 2 squares in the direction you want to castle. If this isn't showing up as a legal move, remember:
  • You can't castle if you're in check
  • You can't castle if the squre your king moves across, or moves to, is being attacked
  • You can't castle if your king or rook has been moved

Question: How can I jump to the beginning or end of a game?

Tap the in-game move list at the top right of the screen to bring up the full-screen move list. From there, you can tap any move to jump to that point in the game.

Question: Why won't tChess let me make a legal move?

Sometimes moves seem legal but aren't. Make sure you aren't in check, and make sure the move you want to make would not leave you in check.

Question: tChess captured a pawn with a strange move. Help!

There's a move in chess called en passant. Immediately after you push a pawn 2 squares, your opponent has the option of capturing that pawn (with a pawn) as if it had only been pushed 1 square.

Question: What is a "stalemate"?

A stalemate is when the side to move doesn't have any legal moves and isn't in check. Since he can't move, but hasn't lost, it is scored as a draw.

Question: Why does the "confirm move" dialog box obscure the board when I'm playing a turn-based Game Center game?

This is a standard iOS dialog box and tChess can't control its location or opacity. But the intention of the dialog box is to give you the chance to correct a mis-entered move, not to help you visualize the board after a potential move. Part of the game of chess is to be able to mentally visualize the results of moves. (If you were playing a game in real life, you wouldn't be allowed to move the pieces around before deciding on a move.)

Question: Can you add a particular feature to tChess?

I will consider every feature request. Please send it in an e-mail to tchessgame@gmail.com.

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