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tChess Pro PGN Support

Portable Game Notation (PGN) is the most widely supported file format for individual chess games and databases of chess games.

tChess Pro has the most extensive support for PGN of any mobile chess app:
  • Support for the PGN URL scheme so you can open PGN files that are attached to e-mails, download PGN files from your web browser, or open PGN files from within other apps
  • Transfer PGN files via iTunes File Sharing
  • Support for iCloud to synchronize PGN files between your iOS devices
  • Search a PGN database for one or more keywords
  • Export games as PGN files via e-mail
  • Copy and Paste games in PGN format
  • View and edit a game's PGN tags: edit, add, delete, and reoder tags using the PGN Tag Editor
  • View and edit annotations, variations, and NAGs (Numeric Annotation Glyphs) for each move of a game
  • Support for Recursive Annotation Variations (RAVs)

To get started using tChess Pro's PGN features, go to the main menu, then the Features tab, and select "PGN Database."

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