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Privacy policy

If you use the "Play online" feature in tChess, tChess will collect and store some information about you on the tChess server: your Game Center ID, Game Center alias, and a unique ID that allows tChess to send you notifications. This information is necessary for you to be able to interact with other users and to receive notifications when your online games are updated.

The tChess server also stores all the interactions you make with your online games so they can be transmitted to your opponents, and to any other iOS devices you might own. The interactions for an online game are deleted from the tChess server if both players of the game delete the game from their devices. Additionally, all interactions that are more than a year old are automatically deleted from the server.

As per the GDPR, you can request a copy of all the data on the tChess server that's related to you, and/or you can request that all the data be deleted, by sending an email to tchessgame@gmail.com.

If you don't use the "Play online" feature, the tChess app does not send any data about you, or created by you, anywhere.

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