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tChess has a benchmark feature that measures how fast an iOS device can run tChess's engine.

Here's a table of benchmark scores for different iOS devices.

If you want to share a benchmark score, please e-mail tchessgame@gmail.com.

Note that the performance of your iOS device may be reduced due to battery wear.

You can find benchmark scores for tChess version 1.8.3 here.

Device Score tChess version Submitted by...
iPhone XS Max 4649 1.8.6 Steve Thomas
iPad Pro (2018) 4626 1.8.6 Chuck Sawyer
iPad Pro (2018, 12.9") 4618 1.8.6 A. Joseph Borelli, Jr.
iPhone 8 3913 1.8.6 Fausto Barrera
iPhone X 3890 1.8.6 "Mighty Mike"
iPad Pro (10.5") 3423 1.8.6 Michael Smith
iPad Pro (10.5") 3402 1.8.6 Steven Humphreys
iPhone SE 2462 1.8.6 krass DC
iPhone 6s 2449 1.8.6 Tom Kerrigan
Intel Core i7 @ 2.3GHz* 2369 1.8.6 Tom Kerrigan
iPad (5th gen.) 2315 1.8.5 Tom Kerrigan

* tChess's engine running on a 2012 Mac Mini (Ivy Bridge i7-3615QM) with Turbo Boost disabled. tChess is not available for OS X.

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