tChess Lite
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tChess Lite Features

tChess Lite has too many features to list in its App Store description:

iPhone App features
Basic chess game features
  • Play against the computer
  • Play against another person on the same device (by disabling the computer opponent) or online (via Game Center)
  • Fine-grained control of the difficulty level, from 500 ELO (beginner) to 1200 ELO
  • Take back moves, get hints, and rotate the board with simple toolbar buttons
  • In-game and full-screen move list
  • Captured Pieces display
  • Built-in chess clock
  • Save and load games
  • Opening database with over 15,000 moves so the computer doesn't play the same game over and over
  • Displays opening names and codes from the Encyclopedia of Chess Openings
  • Profile feature allows you to play games against the computer for rating points and track your progress
  • Two optional modes to flip the images of the pieces for 2-player games

Features for beginners
  • Unique algorithms to provide a fun and challenging opponent specifically for beginners
    (Most chess programs just make random mistakes at their lower levels)
  • Visual highlights show the computer's last move and the legal moves for your pieces
  • Board coordinates (A-H, 1-8) help you with Standard Algebraic Notation

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